"... and cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth..." (Rev. 10:3)

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Laví Media (Laví is lion in Hebrew and pronounced as the French word for life, "la vie") is a Swedish foundation for publishing and distribution of Christian/Messianic literature or other media. The goal is also to work against anti-Semitism. Laví Media has introduced the Dutch author Abraham Leenhouts to the Swedish readers. His work has so far been available in Dutch and on a limited scale in English.

Laví Media is cooperating with the Dutch publisher, Primo Vere. For the publications in Dutch and Swedish you may switch to:


Abraham Leenhouts revolutionary message can be summarized as below: As A. Leenhouts' prophetic symbols are very much related to the prophetic aspects of the Jewish festivals we are planning to include links to interesting Jewish home pages.

The author:

Abraham Leenhouts and his work is presented further below:



Abraham Leenhouts has been serving as a pastor in more than 40 years and a huge amount of his sermons a recorded and typed. The two sermons below are included as an example and further on might more material be available for study purposes. You may also check other publications from Laví Media in Swedish as well as in English.

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