Abraham had a vision about
the role of the Jews in the end times.

Translation of an article in the Swedish paper Dagen, March 16, 1995. Based on an interview of the author in Dec. 4 1993

Abraham Leenhouts is a humble man from the Netherlands. I met him in his house in the Hague, close to the North Sea. While being served a special Dutch cake with coffee, he is revealing his experience about his vision in 1948. It was a prophetic message, primarily to the Jewish people.
He is distinguishing himself on several matters in respect to the traditional image of a prophet. He has studied theology on university level. For a long time Abraham Leenhouts was a priest in the Reformed Church in Holland and for many years he was convinced that all prophetic revelation already had reached mankind. But some years after the second world war an event totally changed that conviction. Abraham Leenhouts had to re-evaluate many of his opinions.

- In the autumn of 1948 I was in my study when a strong storm wind blew through the room but outside the window everything was quiet. I did not understand what happened but felt that it was something extraordinary. When I watched myself in the mirror my face looked as though dead. I felt I was forced by an invisible hand, to sit down in my chair at the desk. Deadly sweat was streaming from my body. My hand started to write without being able to control it. The first words on the paper was: "My children have prayed and I answer..."
The vision that appeared so dramatically for Leenhouts was primarily dealing with the task and mission of the Jews in the "end times", in the Messianic time. The message was not in line with the so called replacement theology, that teaches that the Jews and Israel has been replaced by the Christians in the new covenant. It was not either consistent with the opinion from most Christian friends of Israel, that the present state of Israel is God's work. What kind of revelation was it then?

- For nearly 2000 years the Jews have been walking on a road of suffering; the "Via Dolorosa". In a similar way as the Via Dolorosa wandering of Jesus, the Jewish people has to go to their destiny, a place for spiritual execution. The state of Israel will be the cause of the downfall. The returning of the Jews to Israel is a contradiction to the word of Jesus where he stated the exile as a sign from God that he was sent by God (Math. 23:38-39).The forming of the state of Israel was mainly a human attempt to solve the situation for the Jews after the second world war. The "gentile" world has of course its responsibility for the preceeding actions and lack of actions. An example of the in-moral actions are the events that preceded the decision in the United Nations about the creation of the state of Israel. USA used the dollar as an instrument towards poor countries in order to control their votes for the creation of the state. From a perspective of basic human rights, this is totally unacceptable. In this order it is not possible to achieve an end of the exile. It is only a human attempt. God has indeed said that the land is given to the Jews, but on his conditions. In the old testament the Jews were constantly driven in exile because they did not want to serve God. Even today his conditions are required in order to end the exile, to achieve both peace and shalom with the neighbors.

- Zionism, continues Leenhouts, is totally secular in its nature. It is not able to bring the Jews to Jerusalem. Neither will divided Christianity be able to do that. How will then the situation in the Middle East be solved?
- It is written in Paul's letter to the Romans that when the fullness of the gentiles comes all Israel will be saved (11:25). The Messiah will be a spiritual experience of faith. Only then will it be peace upon earth. Everything else is fruitless.
But how are you viewing the peace process in the Middle East?
- We have, of course, to be positive to every attempt to achieve peace. But peace based upon nuclear power is not what Jesus meant by peace. A moment will come when Israel will detect and experience Jesus as their Savior. It will happen through a supernatural intervention and will be the beginning of the messianic time, or the "millennium". The Jews will by that time come into their destiny, to be a kingdom of priests (Ex. 19:6).
Leenhouts continues:
- The problem is not to divide a piece of land between the Jews and the Arabs. The important subject is a division the roles. The subject deals about the task of the Jewish people in the Messianic age. They will never achieve peace by selling or trading a piece of land.
What role has the Christianity in all this?
- The message that was revealed to me in 1948 contained also some words about the World Council of Churches. I became very glad when it was founded in 1948. I thought that finally all Christianity will be united in a worldwide organization as one unity. It was however revealed to me that the World Council of Churches as well as the state of Israel was nothing else than human attempts to make peace in different areas.
- Another kind of unity is required. It is the unity around the table for the Holy Supper. The united celebration of the Holy Communion! In the present situation the "sinful" split of Christianity prevents the salvation of the Jews. We can read in Isaiah 61 about the coming Messianic age. There the future model and the role of Christianity towards the Jews is described. The tribe of Levi was supported by the other tribes in order to fulfill the services as priests. In the future and in a similar way the united Christianity has to release the Jewish people in order to fulfill their mission: to be a kingdom of priests.

- The Jews and the Arabs will then be able to live in real peace and the Jews will enter its Messianic mission. That is the only possibility to peace. If that possibility is not chosen, the world may face a destruction with nuclear weapons, believes Abraham Leenhouts.

He has much to say about the time perspective and the sequence of the future events in the end times. In his book "The Man with the Pot" (translated title) Leenhouts is describing parts of those events with reference to the book of Revelation.
In his vision in 1948 Leenhouts became aware that the last book of the Bible in fact is divided into three time periods. The key is chapter 10 that indicates a special period, the Messianic age. The plagues that comes upon the people on earth in chapter 8-9 are in the first period and the plagues in chapter 15-16 are in the last period.

- I urge all bible oriented Christians to react to my message according to the directions given in 1 Thess. 5:20-21: " ... do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good."
Leenhouts is emphasizing that John who wrote the Revelation, actually was prevented by God himself to write everything that he heard. This secret of God is according to Leenhouts the Messianic time, the time when the Jews will have the role as a kingdom of priests. In that time it will be possible to harvest twelve times a year and all people will turn to Jerusalem.

The main difference of the message from Leenhouts compared to the traditional view is that the Messianic time will happen before the so called "rapture" and will include all people both Jews and Gentiles.
In several years many pastors and other persons have presented interpretations about the Revelation and the end time. The question is quite natural, why should we believe in this message from this Dutch man who appears to be such a humble person when there exists so many "well-known and famous" preachers?
Leenhouts is not surprised by the question.

- Finally, only the Holy Spirit can convince us what is true and false. A professor once told me: It is true, it gives guidance! Many others have said the same. Many are surprised by this interpretation. My opinion is that the testing of a prophesy must start with a bible interpretation. It is important to ask the question: is this message in line with the Scripture? All prophesying is partial and that is also valid for me.