Recent publications

The latest published book (published in 1995 in Dutch, see the Dutch page!) is the book which may have a translated title "The seven sjofarim in the Apocalyps (or revelation)". This book reveals and deepens the understanding of the book of revelation which according to the author must be understood as a three different time periods. Without that understanding it is not possible to understand the near-time events the author is expecting. The author clearly states that he does not proclaim to have received the total picture of the future but mostly related to the question of "the fullness of the gentiles" and "the fullness of the Jews" or the salvation of the Jews and the relationship between the Jews and Gentiles.

The earlier book which may have a translated title "The man with the pot" was the man who gave direction to the upper room for disciples of Jesus where the Holy supper was created. It was also the place where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and by that gave the symbolical action on how to reach unity between different groups where there might be divisions, schisms and aggresiveness and in general a lack of unity in the Holy spirit. The book is an introduction of the "Shofar-serie" which are totally planned to be seven books (according to A. Leenhouts if God gives him time to live). Abraham Leenhouts is relating them as his spiritual testament and is now writing the 3rd book.

The books have the planned and translated titles:

1 The man with the water pot
2 The seven Shofar of the Apocalyps
3 Josef's cup
4 The fullness of the Gentiles
5 The crucial moment
6 Elia is acquiring a bride
7 The bull calf is destroyed

Any interested publisher in the English language considereng to publish the books above may contact us as a first contact.

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