The last book of the Bible deals with the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel and the inter-linked consequences for the salvation of the nations.

This book is full of priestly motifs.

Israel's turning away from its messianic destiny brings upon it a contra or reverse application of the feast cycle up to and including the five months of threshing time.

Priestly service and feast-cycles go together. Its error in regard to the Messiah brings down upon Israel God's judgements, that are described in the apocalypse in terms that refer to the ceremonial services and to the feast-cycles.

However the divine tendency contained therein is one of chastisement and restoration.

It is thus that, prior to the application in a reversed sense of the feast of the Tabernacles through vials of judgement, there is also an interruption in fulfilment of God's penultimate secret: the sealed thunders. - Revelation 10.


Israel travels a road parallel to that of Jesus of Nazareth.

Just as He was banished from Jerusalem, so also the Jewish people were ejected from the holy city and are driven along the Via Dolorosa of dispersion until they finally arrive at their State as to a self-chosen "cross".

At this "cross" Israel, even as Jesus, will pass through the nadir of despair, but not to be taunted in the hour of their greatest need, with "Elijah", for the Lord will repay their most scathing scorn with the mercy.

In His great mercy and everlasting FIDELITY, God, at the very moment of the crucifixion of the Jewish flesh, has ready the fulness of the gentiles in order to lead the chosen people along this path to their messianic destiny.

The words announced in 1948:

I shall take over the call of those, who taunted Me, when I hung in the depth of hell, in vengeance, and call Elijah and My vengeance is Merciful. My spirit roars for Elijah!

are the key to the understanding of God's penultimate secret (Rev. 10) and the path of God in relation to the establishment of the Kingdom of Priests.

The restoration of Israel is now proceeding along the path of the rebuilding of the altar of the Lord in the gentile-world. (Romans 11:31)

The fulness of the gentiles denotes the fulfilling action of God - in justice and mercy - over the gentile world, through which Israel also comes to its fulness.


If the restoration of Israel to the status of a Kingdom of Priests has to come about through the gentile world, then christianity will no longer be permitted to hesitate in respect of two conceptions regarding HIM, Who was proclaimed to us as being: "the Son of the living God", that taketh away the sins of the world.

This chapter gives a view of the false synthesis-locally, nationally and world-wide.

The world-wide hesitation in respect of two conceptions regarding the Son of God has officially manifested and crystallized itself in the formal structure of the World Council of Churches.

The ecumenical movement stands diametrically opposed to God's plan for Israel, both through its "false synthesis structure" and its striving for unity in a manner divorced from our gentile christian task regarding the restoration of Israel to a Kingdom of Priests.

There will be one flock and one Shepherd - including Israel.

There has now commenced an ecclesiastical "business" which carries great peril for humanity. We can see very clearly how the churches, infected with a spirit of false synthesis, speak a language with a strong resemblance to the message of communism.

However, the "siege" of Jezebel will be broken by God's fulfilling action in regard to Israel.


JESUS, WHOSE SPIRIT rested upon the prophets of old, through His servant Elijah, erected on the heights of Carmel, the sign-posts for His community of the last days, in order to show them the way to find the TRUE OECUMENE.

The high-priestly prayer of Jesus for the unity in truth of His community, will find a concrete response along the lines that He, Himself, laid down in the Carmel procedure.

The glorification on the mountain, during which Jesus spoke the words: "Elias truly shall first come and restore all things", took place at the moment that His great suffering was drawing closer, and was mentioned between the remarks regarding His suffering.

The going up by Moses to the mountain after the conclusion of the covenant at the altar of reconciliation, finds in Jesus' crucifixion and FUTURE a profound fulfilment.

Elijah, harking back to Moses, symbolically unifies the tribes at one altar; that is to say that in reconciliation with God lies the reconciliation and unity of the tribes with each other. - St. John 11:52.

We, the christian-gentiles, must serve Israel because of its election, at the one restored Holy Supper Table, and Israel must serve mankind, and together we must all serve Him, Who came to earth not to rule but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Only on this basis can the stones of the broken altar be in their place.


At the feast of Pentecost, Jesus was enthroned in fire upon His community, and this enthronement through the Holy Ghost was, as evidenced by the speaking in tongues, a victory over Babylon and over the Babylonian confusion of tongues.

History will, from now on, become a most profound "mission" story, up until the time when the enemies of Christ are made a footstool for His feet. The Acts 2:35.

The course of the gospel and the coming of the Kingdom of God, cannot be definitely halted by the errors of the christian churches or of the nations, particularly of those whence comes the mission.

The wisdom of God will surely dawn with abundance at the moment of Israel's conversion and at the concomitant change from "State" to the "Status of a Kingdom of Priests", because all the old arguments against mission will thereby be swept away.

An abundant rain is coming.

The coloured world will have its own important duty in the restoration he Kingdom to Israel.

There will be an harmonious restoration of the altar of the community and together therewith, a restoration of the altar of the nations.

The harmonious return of the Negroes to their countries of origin forms part of the penultimate mystery of salvation as well; it is an eschatological matter.

The Arab world

What aileth thee, Hagar?
Gen. 21:17

Hagar, as a sort of "prophetical-blue-print" furnishes information regarding our own times, now that God's promises relating to Israel are being fulfilled in such a miraculous manner, and Hagar's descendants are violently involved therein whether they wish to be or not. The light of a new day of God will shine over the whole tent of Abraham.


When, to the astonishment of the whole of mankind there blooms on the stem of six thousand years of thorny history A WONDERFUL SABBATH FLOWER then even this flower will wither.

There will be a contra-image of the Feast of the Tabernacles. Subsequent to the great break-through, there will come a great apostasy. - Rev. 11 to 20.
In this chapter is described the place of the kingdom of peace in relation to the coming apostasy and also the priestly function of the martyrs of the last "round" in relation to the whole history of salvation.


We know from the Scriptures that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from
the dead, was a divine seal on the truth of the blood of reconciliation. Romans 4:25.

Thus the community will in the passage of earthly time also participate in a spiritual resurrection, and on the third Day of God, the resurrection of His mystical body will again be a divine affirmation of the truth of the blood of the cross as the power of God for salvation.

In exactly the same manner the return of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the flesh will be the final and absolute manifestation of the truth of His divine mission as the Lamb of God, Who was slaughtered for the sins of the world.

The return will be the complete fulfilment and crowning of Golgotha. Jesus Christ is in the Kingdom of Priests the great PRIEST-KING, THE SHEPHERD OF ISRAEL.